I spent an afternoon drawing different scenes along “The Strip”. I didn’t include the pirate ship in my two drawings of Treasure Island. I’m told they have battles in the lagoon with canon fire but I never saw it. I did see the volcano erupt.

The Venetian had a small canal system on the second floor amongst the high end shops. You can have a gondola ride and if you’re lucky you’ll get the singing gondolier.

I continued down towards Paris and The Belagio. Everything on the strip is packed close together and I found it difficult at times to deal with the scale of the buildings when I couldn’t get very far away from them. For instance, I could not get far enough from the Eiffel Tower to get a view that would fit on the Palm’s screen.

Well I actually didn’t cover much ground on that afternoon and missed drawing a bunch of casinos on the south end of the strip, like the pyramid and the sphinx. I’ll have to go back sometime.