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I’m reading a book on WordPress and thought I’d try putting a border on an image.  This is another drawing from our visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum.

A stuffed bird at the Milwaukee Public Museum. I should have written down what kind of bird it is.

I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum on Monday with Ariana and we drew some of the stuffed animals. This bear was licking honey from a broken tree while the bees swarmed around on their mono-filament tethers. The black and white drawing I did on the PDA seemed a bit of a mess so I tried to clarify things by adding color with MS Paint.

Ariana did two nice drawings on her ipad. She’s posted them on the On Location Milwaukee blog.


Claude enjoys being out on the balcony on a warm spring day. All the better because it’s not really spring yet.

Milwaukee Art Museum

The weather has warmed up quite a bit this week so the bike rack was full when I arrived at work. When I left work my bike was the last one at the rack.

Neighbor's Car

There used to be a garage there but my neighbor tore it down. The space is actually more useful now; he can park two cars there.

A few spectators at the UWM Women’s Basketball playoff game. They lost. In fact it was probably the worst game I’ve seen them play this season.