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I was drawing a few fellow passengers and forgot that we were making our descent. When theĀ  flight attendant told me to turn off my electrical device I was startled and, not wanting to die in a fiery crash, I immediately turned off my PDA.


This guy had on some big’ol head phones.

When your in an audience, like high school graduation ceremonies, there’s a lot of people around but you’re mostly seeing the back of their heads. I decided to be respectful of the speakers and not draw during their presentations. That was a mistake because by the time the presentation of diplomas rolled around everyone was fidgety. I tried to draw quite a few people but they just kept lowering there heads, shifting in their seats or turning to talk to someone.

This was a distinguished looking man with short gray hair like a brush and a well pressed dress shirt.

This was my first drawing, before all the fidgeting began in earnest.

My brother’s family inherited a cat last year. At first he was a super shy boy but I could tell he was a good cat. Now that he’s comfortable in his new home he has shown what a great cat he is. There will be more of Danny Boy to follow.

Danny Boy doing what he does best.


I was in Connecticut recently for my niece’s HS graduation. Air travel and sitting through an hours long graduation ceremony afforded me ample opportunity to draw the backs of heads. I’ll start with two from the the trip to Connecticut.


I guess the baseball cap is to protect his head from the air vent above his seat.

This gentleman had a great lavender and white checkered shirt.


Sometimes if you don’t pull a weed it grows tall and flowers. You can’t tell from this black and white drawing but this weed has little purple flowers that hang down from the top of the stalk.


I was alone all day at work so I took a moment to make a drawing. Behind the scenes at the Milwaukee Art Museum!


Our work lights and a large print in the background.

My sister-in-law gave us this hydrangea. Even though it’s been pruned and has its roots all wrapped up in a bag it’s got some shoots on those branches. It’s trying.


Hydrangea waiting to be transplanted.