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It’s been raining all day so what’s a dog to do. Mope around, sleep on a stack of pillows and sigh every once in awhile.

Sad Ellie on a rainy day 03-13 PM

Sad Ellie on a rainy day


On the left you can see the weeds coming in nicely.


backyard 05-25 PM

Last year I posted a drawing of a silver maple next door that had been cut down to the trunk. I assumed then that it would soon be removed but a year later it’s still there. As you can see it’s holding on and has grown some new branches.

tree trunk 05-33 PM

A lot of the time I’m just drawing what’s on the kitchen table, in this case drinking glasses. One is actually a Bonne Maman Jelly jar that we use as a drinking glass.

drinking glass 06-48 PM jelly jar 07-45 PM