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I’m considering using the memo feature on my phone to post drawings.

It’s been raining all day so what’s a dog to do. Mope around, sleep on a stack of pillows and sigh every once in awhile.

Sad Ellie on a rainy day 03-13 PM

Sad Ellie on a rainy day


On the left you can see the weeds coming in nicely.


backyard 05-25 PM

Last year I posted a drawing of a silver maple next door that had been cut down to the trunk. I assumed then that it would soon be removed but a year later it’s still there. As you can see it’s holding on and has grown some new branches.

tree trunk 05-33 PM

A lot of the time I’m just drawing what’s on the kitchen table, in this case drinking glasses. One is actually a Bonne Maman Jelly jar that we use as a drinking glass.

drinking glass 06-48 PM jelly jar 07-45 PM

You know who you are. Cheers!

Champagne glass 02-25 PM

I’m afraid these collards sat in the refrigerator too long. They were so fresh and crisp when I bought them but now they’re wilted.

collards 06-57 PM

Counter 05-38 PM

When Ariana is painting Claude sometimes wedges himself between her and the back of the chair. He either wants to get close, for warmth, or he just wants the chair all to himself.

Claude trying to make space for himself on the chair.

Claude trying to make space for himself on the chair.

Ariana's taboret.

Ariana’s taboret.