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This drawing kind of got away from me as far as scale, that’s why the ears are a little cropped on the sides. It’s a challenge to make a drawing that can only be 152 pixels wide. The ears in the drawing are not that far off; they are lopsided on the jug. That’s okay, my ears are not perfectly level either.

Another face jug from Face Jugs: Art and Ritual in 19th-Century South Carolina. My good friend Mike Mikulay did another excellent job of designing this exhibition for the Chipstone Foundation. The wall of face jugs is especially impressive.

I tried shading this drawing by stippling it in MS Paint, but it kind of looks like the face jug has 5 o’clock shadow.

Face Jugs: Art and Ritual in 19th-Century South Carolina opened at the Milwaukee Art Museum last week. I took a short break from work and drew two of the face jugs today. I haven’t read all of the information for the exhibition yet but apparently scholars think these jugs were made by slaves in a very specific area of South Carolina (That may be of interest to one of our dedicated blog followers). I really like these objects and am looking forward to learning more about them. It’s a beautiful exhibition and definitely worth visiting.



Milwaukee Art Museum

The weather has warmed up quite a bit this week so the bike rack was full when I arrived at work. When I left work my bike was the last one at the rack.