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This is the last drawing I did in my Palm Zire 21 before it stopped working and it will be the last post I make to this blog. I considered buying a used pda and continuing but I think it’s best to just move on.

This tree stump was drawn from Snails Crossing Park in Milwaukee.

From Snails Crossing Park.

Along the edge of Snails Crossing Park.


The last drawings in my Palm Zire were of the numerous trees that the city was preparing for removal.

This one was near Roverwest dog park.

This one was near Roverwest dog park.

As I mentioned in my previous post, working with old technology can be a challenge, especially for someone who is not tech savvy. Last summer the two old computers that were compatible with my Palm Zire gave up the ghost. After finding a workable solution the Palm device itself is now failing. I’m not sure what I will do about it but I think it’s appropriate to continue with my Riverwest tree stumps.

Stump 5-03 PM

Working with this old technology has been challenging at times and none more so than this past summer. I’ve been using two old computers that were still compatible with the Palm software but this summer they both stopped working. Fortunately, with a lot of help from my wife Ariana I’ve been able to find a work around. How long it will work is anyone’s guess but I’m back for now.

Stump 5-57 PM

The roots of this tree had caused the sidewalk to heave quite a bit. Still, sorry to see such a large tree removed.

This past fall the city has been busy trimming and removing trees in my neighborhood. I was able to draw a few of the stumps, not as many as I would have liked, but…..

A couple of drawings from the best barbershop in Milwaukee. It shouldn’t be surprising that a barbershop called Stag has a few animal trophies on the walls.


Stag 09-48 AM

There’s a lot of trophies on the walls.

Stag 11-13 AM

Moose head that I never finished.


The best barber shop in Milwaukee. I’ve attempted to draw there many times while waiting for my haircut but I often run out of time. Perhaps I should arrive extra early.

Old timey barber chair.

Old timey barber chair.