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I was in Vienna for a few days. Naturally I was trying to fit in as much as I could and didn’t make much time to draw. This is a drawing from one moment alone while waiting for diner at the Cafe Schwarzenberg. The Vienna cafes always serve your drink on a metal tray with a napkin.


Gösser Stiftsbräu.

Gösser Stiftsbräu.

The Musée des Augustins in Toulouse has a lovely courtyard. Inside one of the porticoes there are quite a few gargoyles displayed in a row. Many look like dogs or wolves, some have wings while others have reptilian features.

03-52 AM 03-44 AM 03-15 AM

More drawings from the tree lined sidewalk along the Garonne.


08-33 AM

A public urinal; you can see the bottom of the urinals below a partial screen. I don’t know if they’re still in use.

07-59 AM

I think it’s one of many sycamore trees along the Quai Lucien Lombard.

I was fortunate to visit Toulouse France last week. I spent part of a day walking along the Garonne river on a tree lined sidewalk between the Pont Neuf and the Pont Saint Pierre.

07-36 AM

The Hotel Dieu Saint-Jacques with the Dome de la Chapelle Saint-Joseph de la Grave and the Pont Saint-Pierre at right.


08-14 paint AM

The Pont Neuf at left and the Hotel Dieu Saint-Jacques at right.


On my final day in Washington D.C. I visited the National Museum of American History. What I found more interesting than the feature exhibitions were the display cases with random objects from American History: medical devices from the 70’s, Betty Davis’ coat from Voyager Now and one of Google’s original handmade servers. The technology stuff in particular show from what humble beginnings our amazing modern devices come from.

The permanent display of the Star Spangled Banner was also very impressive. I had no idea it was so big, originally 30 x 42 feet (now 30 x 34 feet thanks to souvenir takers long ago).

On the down side, the food in the cafeteria was pretty bad, expensive and the service was surly. On the definite upside, one of the display cases had a face jug, one of my favorite drawing subjects.


Face Jug

Face Jug

10-59 AM

The remains from my depressingly bad lunch at the museum’s food service.

When I was in Washington D.C. earlier this month I visited the National Museum of the American Indian. I was told that the restaurant there has great food that is inspired by the cuisines of the Native American people. The restaurant was big and impressive and my food was delicious but not surprisingly it was also very expensive.  Still, not an everyday opportunity for me. The museum’s architecture was very nice, for a moment you forgot you were on the National Mall and the exhibits were good but in my opinion there was way too much space devoted to food service, gift shop and children’s play area. On the other hand, I did have a good experience and it seemed other people were as well, so what the heck am I complaining about.

These drawings are from the exhibition Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America’s Past Revealed.


Chirqui, Panama, AD 800-1500

Chirqui, Panama, AD 800-1500

Panama AD 700-950

Greater Coclé Jar Depicting a Woman, Panama AD 700-950

Costa Rica, AD 500-800

Tapir, Costa Rica, AD 500-800



I was in Washington earlier this month and did a few drawings while visiting some of the Smithsonian museums. I was reminded that I had my Palm Zire during my first visit to our nation’s capital and sure enough the oldest drawing on my PDA is of the Washington Monument. That was ten years ago. A number of years passed before I started drawing on the PDA regularly but I still have that doodle of the Washington Monument.

While I was at the Hirshorn Museum drawing this one figure from a larger group of figures a couple were posing with it for some pictures. Their posing included hugging it around the neck and holding its hand. I think they knew touching wasn’t permitted but there’s something irresistible about mugging with a figurative sculpture. It’s because the only penalty for getting caught is a short moment of embarrassment.


Juan Munoz

One of the multiple figure’s from a Juan Muñoz sculpture at the Hirshorn Museum.



12-22 AM

My first use of the notepad feature on the Palm Zire 21 for drawing.

I was in Dallas a few weeks ago, traveling alone on business. After watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Saints, alone at a sports bar, I went down the street to a sports restaurant and had another beer and dinner. Traveling alone can get a bit lonely, like this sad glass of beer.

Last week I was in Dallas to help install the Posters of Paris exhibition. While drinking coffee and waiting to go to work at the Dallas Museum of Art I drew these trees.


This is from a small courtyard in front of an office building. They had these big round planters with little evergreens in them.

A small tree surrounded by paving bricks.


I was in Dallas last week doing some work at the Dallas Museum of Art. I didn’t get much drawing done. Come to think of it, the only time I did draw was while I was drinking coffee or in one case a beer (not a case of beer).


The building on the left is the AT&T building. It’s across the street from the Starbucks where I had my morning coffee and oatmeal.