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This is the last drawing I did in my Palm Zire 21 before it stopped working and it will be the last post I make to this blog. I considered buying a used pda and continuing but I think it’s best to just move on.

This tree stump was drawn from Snails Crossing Park in Milwaukee.

From Snails Crossing Park.

Along the edge of Snails Crossing Park.


The last drawings in my Palm Zire were of the numerous trees that the city was preparing for removal.

This one was near Roverwest dog park.

This one was near Roverwest dog park.

More drawings from the tree lined sidewalk along the Garonne.


08-33 AM

A public urinal; you can see the bottom of the urinals below a partial screen. I don’t know if they’re still in use.

07-59 AM

I think it’s one of many sycamore trees along the Quai Lucien Lombard.

I was fortunate to visit Toulouse France last week. I spent part of a day walking along the Garonne river on a tree lined sidewalk between the Pont Neuf and the Pont Saint Pierre.

07-36 AM

The Hotel Dieu Saint-Jacques with the Dome de la Chapelle Saint-Joseph de la Grave and the Pont Saint-Pierre at right.


08-14 paint AM

The Pont Neuf at left and the Hotel Dieu Saint-Jacques at right.


Last week I was in Dallas to help install the Posters of Paris exhibition. While drinking coffee and waiting to go to work at the Dallas Museum of Art I drew these trees.


This is from a small courtyard in front of an office building. They had these big round planters with little evergreens in them.

A small tree surrounded by paving bricks.


I was in Dallas last week doing some work at the Dallas Museum of Art. I didn’t get much drawing done. Come to think of it, the only time I did draw was while I was drinking coffee or in one case a beer (not a case of beer).


The building on the left is the AT&T building. It’s across the street from the Starbucks where I had my morning coffee and oatmeal.