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I’m afraid these collards sat in the refrigerator too long. They were so fresh and crisp when I bought them but now they’re wilted.

collards 06-57 PM

Counter 05-38 PM

Yaaay, it’s Christmas and we got a new toaster from my mother. She noticed that we kept the old one working by jamming clothespins into the slot to hold down the lever (kind of a fire hazard). You get a lot of burned toast using this method.


Old toaster with clothes pin  holding down the lever.

Old toaster with clothes pin holding down the lever.

New Cuisinart toaster.

New Cuisinart toaster.

An empty plate, and empty glass; drawn in the final hours of 2013.

table 04-55 PM

Acorn squash 12-01 PM

We were at the Goodwill and found this Sunbeam bread maker that appeared to have never been used. I know people who love their bread makers so $13.00 later we had one of our own.


First bread 03-09 PM

First loaf of wheat bread.

Bread maker 02-48 PM

A cabbage leaf waiting to be taken to the compost bin.

cabbage leaf 09-46 PM

My friend Mike brought over some of the surplus produce from his CSA subscription. Leeks, parsnips, potatoes, carrots, parsley, etc. I used some of it in a winter vegetable chowder. These are the leeks and a few potatoes on the kitchen table.

leeks 2 05-46 PM