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I was in Dallas a few weeks ago, traveling alone on business. After watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Saints, alone at a sports bar, I went down the street to a sports restaurant and had another beer and dinner. Traveling alone can get a bit lonely, like this sad glass of beer.

Last week I was in Dallas to help install the Posters of Paris exhibition. While drinking coffee and waiting to go to work at the Dallas Museum of Art I drew these trees.


This is from a small courtyard in front of an office building. They had these big round planters with little evergreens in them.

A small tree surrounded by paving bricks.


I was in Dallas last week doing some work at the Dallas Museum of Art. I didn’t get much drawing done. Come to think of it, the only time I did draw was while I was drinking coffee or in one case a beer (not a case of beer).


The building on the left is the AT&T building. It’s across the street from the Starbucks where I had my morning coffee and oatmeal.