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On the left you can see the weeds coming in nicely.


backyard 05-25 PM


Last year I posted a drawing of a silver maple next door that had been cut down to the trunk. I assumed then that it would soon be removed but a year later it’s still there. As you can see it’s holding on and has grown some new branches.

tree trunk 05-33 PM

Ellie has to wear a cone on her head but that’s not going to stop her from enjoying a beautiful sunny day.


Ellie 01-25 PM

The very first harvest from the garden.


kohlrabi 07-57 PM

Another of Ellie sunning in the backyard.

Ellie 07-17 PM

We planted a new tree in our small backyard, an American Hornbeam. I hope it does better than the Hydrangea.

An American Hornbeam

An American Hornbeam

The sun is finally out and all my dog wants to do this afternoon is warm her belly.


A pit bull loving the sun.

A pit bull loving the sun.

Another view of the silver maple trunk from my previous post.

Backyards 2014 05-46 PM

On July 4, 2011 I drew the backyards to the north from my balcony. The top portion of the drawing is dominated by a large silver maple. Last fall they trimmed everything off the tree leaving only the trunk and I assume that will go one day in the near future. The absence of that foliage dramatically changes the view and feel of our backyard and alley. Where there once was sheltering foliage there is now a jumble of cables against a background of roof tops.

The new view to the north.

The new view to the north.

The silver maple that used to tower over our yards.

The silver maple that used to tower over our yards.

My drawings of plants are usually weeds from my yard but this one is not a weed. I know this because it was at the Boehner Botanical Gardens and it had a sign that said Canna.

Cannis 01-44 PM