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Two drawings from the exhibition Uncommon Folk at the Milwaukee Art Museum. One is a porcupine by Felipe B. Archuleta. I don’t know what the body is made of but the quills look like┬ádried grass with thick stems┬áthat have gone to seed. The thing I like about this sculpture is it’s much larger than I imagine a porcupine actually is, and it’s clearly smiling. The other is a carved wood snake painted red and cream. It’s by an unknown American artist ca. 1930.

I did a little stippling of my original drawings with MS Paint to help clarify the forms.


Root Snake, American ca. 1930

Root Snake, American ca. 1930

Porcupipne, 1978, Felipe B. Archuleta

Porcupine, 1978, Felipe B. Archuleta



Another face jug from Face Jugs: Art and Ritual in 19th-Century South Carolina. My good friend Mike Mikulay did another excellent job of designing this exhibition for the Chipstone Foundation. The wall of face jugs is especially impressive.

I tried shading this drawing by stippling it in MS Paint, but it kind of looks like the face jug has 5 o’clock shadow.

I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum on Monday with Ariana and we drew some of the stuffed animals. This bear was licking honey from a broken tree while the bees swarmed around on their mono-filament tethers. The black and white drawing I did on the PDA seemed a bit of a mess so I tried to clarify things by adding color with MS Paint.

Ariana did two nice drawings on her ipad. She’s posted them on the On Location Milwaukee blog.


Claude enjoys being out on the balcony on a warm spring day. All the better because it’s not really spring yet.

I used Microsoft Paint to colorize this digital drawing from red Rock Canyon. I know there are more sophisticated programs out there but Paint seemed like an appropriate program to use on a PNG that’s 152 x 222 pixels in size.