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One more from the Milwaukee Art Museum and its Santiago Calatrava designed building. One of my favorite spots in this building is the parking garage. The dramatic lines of the architecture upstairs are mirrored in the curved lines of the structure downstairs.

Garage 03-15_2 PM Parking garage 03-08 PM

I don’t think the white cars in these two drawings are the same and the views are different but I liked the way they lined up when placed next to one another. Not just the car but the lines of the garage ceiling as well.

The drawing in my last post was of the admissions desk at the Milwaukee Art Museum. After paying for admission a guest brings their ticket to the ticket taker. It’s the life cycle of an admissions ticket.

The ticket taker.

The ticket taker

Ariana painting 05-02 PM

Last week I was in Dallas to help install the Posters of Paris exhibition. While drinking coffee and waiting to go to work at the Dallas Museum of Art I drew these trees.


This is from a small courtyard in front of an office building. They had these big round planters with little evergreens in them.

A small tree surrounded by paving bricks.


I was alone all day at work so I took a moment to make a drawing. Behind the scenes at the Milwaukee Art Museum!


Our work lights and a large print in the background.