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I used Microsoft Paint to colorize this digital drawing from red Rock Canyon. I know there are more sophisticated programs out there but Paint seemed like an appropriate program to use on a PNG that’s 152 x 222 pixels in size.

On our last day in Las Vegas we rented a car and drove to nearby Red Rock Canyon. As it turns out we had a view of Red Rock Canyon from our hotel room (see Las Vegas part 1). We drove along the “Scenic Route” and stopped at several of the “Lookouts”. While Ariana, Stephani and Yuan took in the view I would try to get a quick drawing in. Drawing things of that scale on a little screen about 1 1/4 inches square is a challenge. There is so much information to record, but the best approach is to keep it simple. Visiting Red Rock Canyon and having a nice picnic lunch was a great way to finish up our Las Vegas experience.

I spent an afternoon drawing different scenes along “The Strip”. I didn’t include the pirate ship in my two drawings of Treasure Island. I’m told they have battles in the lagoon with canon fire but I never saw it. I did see the volcano erupt.

The Venetian had a small canal system on the second floor amongst the high end shops. You can have a gondola ride and if you’re lucky you’ll get the singing gondolier.

I continued down towards Paris and The Belagio. Everything on the strip is packed close together and I found it difficult at times to deal with the scale of the buildings when I couldn’t get very far away from them. For instance, I could not get far enough from the Eiffel Tower to get a view that would fit on the Palm’s screen.

Well I actually didn’t cover much ground on that afternoon and missed drawing a bunch of casinos on the south end of the strip, like the pyramid and the sphinx. I’ll have to go back sometime.

This will be the first of several posts on our trip to Las Vegas. These drawings are from our room at the Rio Hotel. I’ve never been to Las Vegas before and was surprised to learn that we were surrounded by mountains. Our view from the twelfth floor gave us a nice view of The Palms Hotel and Red Rock Canyon in the distance. More about Red Rock Canyon later.